How to talk to strangers

How to talk to strangers

Many people have this experience. When they walk into an unfamiliar room or meet an unfamiliar person, they say to them the most in their hearts: “How can I break the deadlock and hand overfriend?

“When I was alone, sometimes I suddenly thought,” Ah, I thought so abruptly that day.

Or, “Oh my god, I called it so disruptive.”

“When I think of it, I really want to bite off my tongue.

However, if there is no regret medicine in the world, we have to remind ourselves with regret that we cannot repeat it next time.

But in this case, I often make myself nervous, even afraid of dating with strangers.

  How to avoid this embarrassment?

Do n’t worry, now we will teach you a few tricks of “smart words and secrets”. In the future, whether you are in the workplace, at a party, or beside a friend, you can easily cross the fence with others and make a clever tongue.Emerging eloquent woman.

  One of the secrets: Strange strategies for strange friends are like staggering chips. How can you make others think you are a dumb person at a party like a handsome guy concentration camp?

Don’t say that there are no people you are familiar with, in fact, some people who look close are probably new friends.

As long as you bravely say the first sentence, you are half done.

  First of all, you can look at the people around you (or those you are interested in) to see if they have something special, such as exotic accessories, or a watch that you also like very much.

These preliminary details are likely to immediately attract their interest.

The topic of chat is best to choose a more relaxed and lively rhythm, a happy smile, will instantly pull into the distance between you.

  When you meet someone you are interested in, to prepare for the second meeting, you don’t want to prevent him from calling him by name, telling an innocent joke, telling a light story, and leaving a relaxed and harmonious impression on each other.

  Or, be a friendly listener, let them say more, and then ask your questions appropriately. Men will be happy to answer them for you. Then you can join their topic smoothly.

  However, it should be noted that in the dialogue, try not to ask questions that can only be answered by yes or no.

In this case, it is tantamount to killing your personality.

Give people room to start a conversation.

Also, don’t say things too casually, or you will likely offend your new friends, so all your previous efforts will be scrapped.

  Tip # 2: Shortcuts to job search When you step into the interview room, will your heart rate accelerate to 120 times per second?

No matter how amiable the interviewer looks, every word he says makes you nervous and sweaty.

You feel that your head hurts every time he thinks about it, maybe it’s not enough . how is it good?

  The interviewer’s first impression of you is very important, and he has a little prelude before starting the formal interview.

Can give you a little impression.

  You can look for some emotional and relaxed topics. It is best if you can grind some of his interests with fire (a kind of: wheat-colored skin shows that he loves outdoor sports, and the obvious e-age characteristic in speaking is telling you that he is also online(Family), try to talk to him, remember, in the process of chatting, you must make a timely response to his words, say something that will not make him “dead”, so that he can increase his interest in you.

  With a good start, during the interview process, the interviewer’s questions must be answered selectively.

For example, when the interviewer asks you to talk about your weaknesses, facing your previous failures, you can focus on answering your questions by finding problems and improving them, while being frank about your failures, butAvoid over-rendering.

This allows the interviewer to leave a good impression of you with sincerity, ability and self-improvement.

  Be good at the beginning, and after the interview, ask more questions with the already familiar interviewer.

At this point, you can ask some questions based on the dialogue during the interview.

Like the company’s personnel structure, the main purpose of this recruitment, the future development of recruiting staff, etc .