Teacher Niu Er’s private winter acne method


Teacher Niu Er’s private winter acne method

Annoying acne will not be compromised by the change of seasons. How to effectively combat acne in winter?

Beauty expert Niu Er teaches you 4 important steps-● Gentle exfoliation: The exfoliation work of the skin is very important, you must use scrub products to exfoliate regularly.

Acne skin, sensitive skin can also use the salicylic acid cleansing water instead of traditional exfoliating products to avoid damage to the skin: use a cotton pad to dip the cleansing water and then wipe the skin, nose, chin, etc. in a circular mannerWipe the acne area a bit more.

  ● Strong absorption with pat method: apply moisturizing lotion after cleansing water, and then pat the face lightly to promote skin absorption. The pat step can awaken sensitive skin, accelerate skin blood circulation, and condition skin to the best state.This helps to suppress the appearance of acne.

  ● Use the anti-acne essence to target acne areas. It can absorb the anti-acne essence. The anti-acne essence with oil conditioning can prevent inflammation and eliminate redness.

When applying, remember to touch the acne-prone skin with your hand. Most of the anti-acne essence tube parts can accurately contact the acne-prone area. You can also apply the essence on a cotton pad to wipe the acne-prone area.

  ● The cotton pad is used as a mask. The cotton pad that has absorbed the essence should not be wasted. It can also be used as a mask and applied to the acne area. 5?
In 10 minutes, it helps to reduce acne and firm pores.