Autumn health, more defense

Autumn health, more “defense”

People have entered the autumn of “something” from the midst of the unbearable summer. As long as we take more precautions in the following aspects, we will spend the golden autumn safely.
  Prevention of lung disease Chinese medicine believes that early autumn dryness and vines, moisture has not retreated, wet evil and evil combination, easy to hurt the lungs, easily lead to upper respiratory tract infections, acute bronchitis.
Chinese medicine has the method of clearing heat and moistening the lungs. It can be used for 30g of Ophiopogon japonicus and 15g of chrysanthemum.
It has the effect of nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, clearing the heart and removing troubles, and benefiting the stomach and promoting fluid. It is a good health drink for preventing autumn dryness in autumn.
  防中风  晚秋寒气渐长,与燥邪结合,寒主收引、使血管收缩,脑血管病变也因之增多,轻者口眼歪斜,重者倒地不起,此时注意多摄入含蛋白质Magnesium and calcium-rich foods can effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and reduce the occurrence of cerebrovascular accidents.
Prevent eating too much, dinner should be divided into eight; drink light tea during the day to protect the heart.
  Anti-thoracic chest The chest is similar to modern medical myocardial infarction.
As the cold contraction, as the peripheral resistance of the blood vessels increases, the blood pressure in the fall will gradually increase, which is the most potential “killer” for patients with chest pain, except for moderate exercise such as walking and running; drinking a cup of boiled water in the morning, diluting the blood; receiving cold resistanceTraining can play a better preventive role.
You can also drink boiled sputum with activating blood circulation: 枸杞15g, hawthorn 20g, first use boiling water to fry the hawthorn for 2 to 5 minutes, then use the fried glutinous rice water to brew tea for tea.
  Skin damage In the autumn, the evaporation of skin moisture is accelerated, and the exposed skin will become rough due to lack of water, and the elasticity will become smaller. In severe cases, it will cause cleft palate.
Therefore, it is not advisable to use alkaline foods for bathing.
Pay attention to the daily care of the skin, eat more loach, squid, white duck meat, peanuts, pears, red dates, lotus seeds, grapes, sugar cane, sesame seeds, walnuts, honey, white fungus, pears and other foods, can better moisturize the skin, beautifyappearance.
  Preventing colds Autumn is the most popular season for colds.
Because the cold in the early autumn is still warm, the body adjustment function is difficult to adapt to this sudden change in heat.
Therefore, when the weather is cold, pay attention to heat preservation, add clothes in time; usually open the window to breathe, keep the indoor air fresh; use the vinegar to fumigate the room when the cold is popular; often use cold water to wash your face and wash the nose, it also helps the prevention of colds.
  Anti-obesity In summer, people sweat more, lack of sleep, appetite generally declines, the body’s calories are relatively reduced, and the degree of obesity is improved.
In the fall, the situation is just the opposite of summer. In addition, in order to welcome the arrival of winter, the human body will actively store cold fat. At this time, if you are not careful, you will gain weight, which is very harmful to obese patients.
In the autumn, eat low-calorie foods such as red beans, radishes, bamboo shoots, glutinous rice, kelp, mushrooms; plan to increase the amount of activity; seize the good time to travel, relax the mood, increase consumption, and achieve the purpose of weight loss.
  Waterproof fog The autumn and winter cold air meets the water vapor in the near-surface gas layer and condenses into suspended droplets. This is the fog.
In the process of drifting, the droplets absorb harmful substances such as acids, alkalis, salts, amines, phenols, dust, and pathogenic microorganisms.
This has a great impact on people’s health, life, and even travel.
Therefore, it is best to reduce outdoor activities in the foggy days, morning exercise can be suspended; wear a mask when going out, and protect the hair, clean the exposed skin after returning; pay attention to traffic safety.
  Anti-depression In autumn, the grass leaves are falling, the flowers and trees are dying, and there is a scene of chilling everywhere. People will touch the scene and appear sad, sad, sad and sad.
If you encounter something that is not satisfactory, it will easily lead to depression.
In daily life, we must pay attention to cultivating our own optimistic feelings, looking at the changes in nature with a sane eye, or visiting friends and relatives, ascending the scenery, making people feel relaxed and happy; or practicing qigong, converging the mind and keeping the inner peace.
  Anti-injury stomach The temperature difference between day and night in autumn is very different. After being stimulated by cold air, gastric acid secretion increases, and gastrointestinal contraction occurs. When the weather turns cold, people’s appetite is strong, and the gastrointestinal burden is aggravated, which may cause stomach problems.
People with stomach problems should pay special attention to the warmth of the stomach in the fall; diet should be warm, soft, light, vegetarian, fresh, and regular, quantitative, eat less meals; do not eat too cold, too hard, too hot, too spicyOver-stick food, quit smoking and alcohol; avoid the stimulation of bad emotions such as nervousness, anxiety and anger.
  Anti-poisoning In autumn, the bacteria germinate quickly and the food is easy to be corrupt. It is a season of gastrointestinal diseases such as bacterial food poisoning, bacterial dysentery, E. coli enteritis, and refrigerator enteritis (Yiel bacteria enteritis).
In the prevention, it is necessary to strictly prevent food contamination, not to eat raw, spoiled and undercooked foods; to clean and disinfect raw foods such as fruits; to develop good habits of washing hands before and after meals;Proper amount of raw garlic, raw onions, etc.
  Cold-proof legs Knee joint osteoarthritis is commonly known as “old cold legs”, and its incidence is closely related to climate.
Therefore, in the fall, special attention should be paid to the maintenance of the knee joint.
The first is to keep warm and cold; secondly, to carry out reasonable physical exercise, such as tai chi, jogging, doing various gymnastics, etc., the amount of activity is comfortable and slightly sweaty; appropriate drinking of some Chinese medicine practitioners to distribute blood and cold medicinal liquorIt has a good effect on the prevention and treatment of “old cold legs”.
  The prevention and treatment of patients with yin deficiency is most suitable in autumn.
But don’t think that the temperature in the autumn is relatively calm, it is the best season for all the deficiency and tonic, regardless of the cold and heat.
It is not a deficiency, no matter what season Chinese medicine practitioners will never use supplements, use tonic.
In the autumn, if there is yin deficiency and impotence, the performance of lack of fluid is mainly based on nourishing yin and moistening. Commonly used are black-bone chicken, pig lung, turtle meat, bird’s nest, white fungus, honey, sesame, soy milk, alfalfa, walnut., barley, peanuts, duck eggs, spinach, pears, etc.