Sleeping with a certain pillow is healthier

Sleeping with a certain pillow is healthier

Core tip: Pillow is an indispensable item for sleep, but what kind of pillow can make you sleep comfortably and healthy, will you choose a pillow?

Expert Tip: It is advisable that the height of the pillow is not more than 15cm, and buckwheat husk is the best filling.

  When sleeping, if the pillow is too high, the pressure is too large; too high a pillow will cause the cervical spine to lean forward, and some parts of the cervical spine will be stressed too much, destroying the normal physiological forward curve of the cervical spine and compressing the cervical nerve and spinal canal arteryCauses hypertension, sore head, hypoxia of the head, head, dizziness, tinnitus and insomnia, and other symptoms of cerebral neurasthenia, and prone to bone hyperplasia.

  If the pillow is too low, it will not only relax, but will also damage the normal curvature of the cervical spine.

So pillows that are too high or too low will improve the cervical spine and cause various complications.

  The main function of the pillow is to maintain the normal physiological curve of the human body, to ensure that the physiological arc of the human body during sleep does not deform.

The height of each person’s pillow is different. To find a standard height that suits them is actually very simple. The height of each person’s fists is the height of the pillow that fits him. This height is in line with the physiological flexion of the human body after leaving the bed.

  Many people now sit in front of a computer for a long time and maintain a posture, which can easily cause problems, such as cervical osteogenesis. It is recommended that other people pay special attention to choosing a suitable pillow when sleeping, with their heads in the center of the pillow and a harder bed.

  Should choose a good breathability, can adjust the pillow height at any time, the physiological position is better, the general height of 8cm-15cm is appropriate.

The best filling for pillows is buckwheat husks. Buckwheat husk pillows even have excellent shaping and support functions for the head, and they are warm and cool, suitable for young and old.