There are some precautions when using chopsticks, keep in mind to dry before storing

There are some precautions when using chopsticks, keep in mind to dry before storing

Now, many friends are more casual when washing dishes and chopsticks. For chopsticks, it is often done just by rubbing it. Experts point out that in fact, such a blind washing method will easily make chopsticks more and more rough.Some pathogenic microorganisms may spread, so everyone must carefully wash chopsticks, and pay attention to relevant precautions when using chopsticks.

  Smell it and see if it is out of date. When everyone is using chopsticks, they must observe every day whether there are spots on the surface of the chopsticks, especially mold spots.

Bamboo products and wood products are the favorite living environment for mildew. As long as the environment is not dry, the moisture content of the substance itself reaches a certain level, which can be generated in only one day.

  Expert suggestion: Once you find mold spots on the chopsticks, you must stop using them for the first time. Reminder: If non-bamboo or wood spots appear on the chopsticks, it means that the chopsticks are likely to be moldy and deteriorated, and you can not continue to use them;If it is bent or deformed, it means that it has been wet or left for too long, and the shelf life may have passed; smell it, if there is a clear sour taste, it is a sign of contamination or expired, and it can not be used further.

  Chopsticks have a life span of 3-6 months, and the color-changing chopsticks should be quickly replaced. Investigation found that when ordinary chopsticks are used within 3-6 months, the color of the chopsticks will change and the frequency of use will become darker or lighter.

In addition, edible paint stains on the surface of chopsticks are worn due to the frequency of use.

As long as the chopsticks change with the score at the time of purchase, especially the color, they need to be replaced immediately.

The change in the color of chopsticks indicates that the nature of the material itself must change.

The factors that cause the color change are usually caused by the adhesion of food, detergent and air during the use.

Long-term accumulation of bacteria is also a major factor in color changes.

  Chopsticks are dried before storage to avoid mildew. It is understood that at present, ordinary people use chopsticks mainly in bamboo and wood, and very few are metal and other materials.

However, the use of the two materials is relatively special. Everyone is usually accustomed to cleaning the chopsticks and then placing them in a chopstick tube or cabinet.

After the chopsticks have not been completely dried, the humidity is very high, which makes them prone to mold, which affects the health of the body.

When using chopsticks, you must ensure that the chopsticks are kept dry or stored so as not to provide a mold breeding environment.

  Experts suggest: Put chopsticks in boiling water for half an hour every week, and then dry them in the air before use. This can achieve disinfection, and can effectively and easily remove mold in chopsticks.

  According to experts, many friends ‘chopsticks have been used for more than half a year and have not been replaced. In fact, this is unhealthy. Just like a toothbrush, the chopsticks will leave bacteria after using for a long time. You must replace them in time.Avoid moldy chopsticks, and once they are abnormal, avoid using them!