[Can fitness eat hamburger]_Sports_Impact

[Can fitness eat hamburger]_Sports_Impact

Weight loss fitness is an important part of life, and weight loss fitness is beneficial to human health.

Then usually need to adjust in the diet structure, because the transition is too high food is not recommended for people who lose weight.

So be sure to pay attention to the foods you eat often in your life, and you need scientific weight-loss recipes to guide you.

Just the taste of food that everyone likes is different, so you should also pay attention to the type of food and physical needs.

Can I eat a burger for fitness?

First, taboo foods 1 after fitness, raw cold vegetables after fitness, called raw cold vegetables should not be treated.

Carrots, celery, peppers, and broccoli may be healthy low-faeces foods, but they are not suitable for eating after exercise because these foods are not enough to supplement energy to maintain a healthy metabolic rate.

However, if you must eat vegetables, you can add sauces such as yogurt, nut cream or hummus to make salads, but don’t use cream.

2. High-fat fast-food potato chips, french fries, burgers, hot dogs, and corn flakes can fill up a fat belly quickly, but eating it after fitness is equivalent to letting the effect of previous exercise go to waste.

The adults in these foods are difficult to digest. This is not what people want to see after exercise. What needs to be supplemented after exercise is glycogen, not an aunt that increases body storage.

3. Oversalted snacks such as crispy potato chips or pretzels will reduce the potassium content of the body and lead to a slower recovery.

The mineral potassium is important for cell activity and is more important than sodium in salt.

Because of sweating during exercise, the body has absorbed electrolytes, so it is not appropriate to consume too much potassium because of eating too much salt.

4. Bacon grilled meat is not a problem to eat in moderation, but it is only suitable for breakfast. It is reserved for the activities of the next day.

Because barbecue is not easy to digest and hinders metabolism after exercise, foods such as eggs should be the first choice for protein supplementation.

5, pizza Pizza is rich in oil, especially the type of fillings such as sausages is not suitable for eating after exercise, eat a small piece can replace a workout.

If you have to eat pasta, substitute whole wheat bread, cheese, etc.

Second, desserts are forbidden after fitness 1, soda and juice fitness common sense will thirst after exercise, but at this time it is not suitable to accommodate sweet drinks, including soda or fructose-containing fruit juice.

Drinking a sugary drink after reduced exercise can start to have an adverse effect, because it reduces metabolism and prevents weight loss.

You should also pay attention to drinking Yunneng beverages. You only need to replenish the electrolytes that you have lost. You can drink water when you are thirsty. You can eat potassium to supplement potassium.

2. Milk chocolate Milk chocolate’s sugar and Kari are not foods needed after exercise. The disadvantages of eating it far exceed the replacement of energy.

Dark chocolate (containing more than 70% cocoa) is more healthy and can help you recover quickly after exercise, but it is not suitable to eat more.

3. Desserts such as sweets, donuts, and other snacks are not nutritious, but have high fat and calories. At the same time, after exercise, they need to supplement the “fuel” of the muscle, but whole wheat bread with peanut butter or marmalade is more suitable.