Yuanyang Yoga-Yuanyang Yoga Mat Set of 6

Yuanyang Yoga-Yuanyang Yoga Mat Set of 6

Product description Brand introduction: Yuanyang Yoga Specifications Yuanyang Yoga Mat: Length: 173cm Width: 61cm Thickness: 6mm Yuanyang Yoga Mat Dedicated Backpack: Length: 74cm Width: 25cm Yuanyang Contraction Belt: Length 173cm Width 3.

8cm Yuanyang Yoga Brick: 23cm in length, 16cm in height and 8cm in distance. Yoga backpack: 65cm in length, 23cm in width, 22cm in height and 21cm in height. Yoga mat: PVC foam (PVC content up to 96%) material. Special bag for the yoga mat: 600D Oxford cloth.  Yuanyang compression belt: cotton yangyang yoga brick: EVA yuanyang yoga backpack: 600D Oxford cloth color sunyang yoga mat: light purple yuanyang yoga mat special bag: black yuanyang compression belt: black yuanyang yoga brick: Light purple Yuanyang yoga backpack: Red Other seller warranty: 7 days replacement manufacturer warranty: 15 days Safety load bearing: 200 kg Yuanyang PVC yoga mat, 1 Yuanyang yoga mat special backpack, Yuanyang squeezeTake 1 piece, 2 Yuanyang Yoga bricks, 1 Yuanyang Yoga backpack Material introduction: PVC is the name of a chemical raw material, it is a raw material.

However, PVC was not sufficiently soft and slippery before foaming, and had a cushioning effect. Only after it was foamed could finished products such as yoga mats and non-slip mats be produced.

  Instructions for use: Yoga mats are an aid when doing yoga exercises.

Tile the yoga mat on the ground and do yoga exercises on it to prevent injuries to the spine, feet, hip bones, knee joints and other parts.

After doing the exercises, you can roll up the yoga mat, lock it with a hair button, put it in a backpack, and keep it hygienic.

  Basic parameter series: Bodybuilding-Fitness Packaging Description Packaging height: 22.

00 cm package length: 75.

01 cm package width: 23.

01 cm packaging: bag